While the spadework started in 2012, Jagriti Computer Labs was formally founded in 2014 and provides computer education for Jagriti students from classes 5 and onwards. This was done with a clear goal to provide them vocational skills that will help them get real jobs that leverage technology and computer skills. Skills taught include Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Design, internet including leveraging other educational sites like Khan Academy, Wikipedia to accelerate learning. From never having seen a computer, many of these students now are fully acquainted and familiar with the uses and possibilities of the computer and the internet.

Apart from infrastructure, a full time computer teacher helps get students from Grade 5 onwards to work on computers. For Grades 8 onwards, specialized programs for computer skillset development with certification programs have been set up so that the school can monitor and continue to fine tune the progress. The key is practice.

An after-school class has been started for those students who have already graduated from Jagriti. These students along with the current Grade 8 upward students learn more practical applications of computer, such as building resum├ęs, online billing, translations, google applications, basic programming and much more. Within a year, several of these students learn enough skills to be ready for pre-professional courses at external certification courses. In this, they learn WordPress, HTML, JavaScript and other vocational computer courses in banking, accounting software to get a certification, and eventually receive jobs using these skills.

By 2017, 19 students have officially been placed in jobs using these computer skills, just three years after the computer program started. Students are employed in jobs ranging from data entry for insurance companies to accounting and data management of stores to data entry for pharmaceutical centers.

While the entire program is gender equal, there is a higher emphasis on making sure girl students are being fully enabled since there is culturally a higher tendency for underprivileged family parents to pull girls back into supporting their own jobs.